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Last Updated: August  23, 2005

Mark Friedman

“Building Blocks of Accounting: A Financial Perspective” is an interactive learning tool for financial accounting.  The tool is self-contained in an Excel spreadsheet, which the student generates at our web site. This practice set is unlike any other on the market in that (1) the numbers in each spreadsheet are different for each student so that each student works on his/her own set of numbers, (2) the practice set is self-grading – students upload a special Excel file to our web site, where it is automatically graded, and (3) each instructor can inspect student progress electronically from our website as needed. Thus, instructor involvement is minimized—this learning tools is essentially “hands off” from the instructor’s viewpoint. "Building Blocks of Accounting: A Financial Perspective" can be used in introductory accounting (i.e., principles of financial accounting) or in the next level of courses as a review.

Key features

Customized for each student: Different numbers for each student fosters individual work.

Practice set graded automatically: Our server grades each practice set automatically when file is uploaded by student for evaluation.

Student receives diagnostic feedback: On-line grade report highlights correct and incorrect answers.

Maximize learning: Practice set can be reworked and graded as many times as desired.

On-line score reports for Instructor: Our server generates score reports on demand. These reports can be imported into a spreadsheet.

Could be effectively used in: Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting for MBAs.

Developed using Microsoft Excel: Entire practice set is housed inside a Microsoft Excel file, which is the most widely available spreadsheet program.

Practice sets purchased and downloaded on-line: Student pays for and generates customized practice set on-line and downloads resulting Excel file to work on project.

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